TOP 10 Foods to Avoid to LOSE WEIGHT

In this video we will go over the most common foods that can get you in trouble when you are trying to lose weight. It doesn’t matter what diet plan you are on, if you are eating these foods you are going to struggle.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive look on what lifestyle changes you can make check out this video:

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20 thoughts on “TOP 10 Foods to Avoid to LOSE WEIGHT

  1. I was very skinny and after changing my diet I finally started seeing results. I didn't know anything about training and diet, but my friend told me for the website called Agoge Diet and I just followed their diet and training plan. They have amazing tips 😉 check it out

  2. Thanks for the nice tips Sir!!!! I also had suffered from overweight people always teased me due to that I took many kind of medicines but have less improvements . One day my wife was searching some diet and she found your channel with thinner you pack of planet ayurveda. Am following these tips , doing some workout and use thinner you pack for last 5 – 6 months and already i reduced 12 kg's of weight

  3. hes like stating what not to eat and then continues to show those delicious foods like what why ;_;

  4. losing weight is easy, you just need to make sure to eat a high protein breakfast that would help reduce cravings and calorie intake throughout the day ????

  5. I went from 211 lbs to 170 lbs in 3 and a half months by following these 3 rules.
    1. NO SUGAR
    3. NO CARBS(or little carbs but only natural carbs from nuts, fruits, veggies, grains, etc).
    Now I take in some carbs but im on gaining muscle mass mode. Hope this helps on top of the information you are getting in this video. Remember, there are many foods in the US that have added high fructose corn syrup. Including some sausages. Look at the engredients. The first 2 months i was in a diet only. My 3rd month i started working out. Watch for those poisons.
    Note: I started my diet with a 3 day water fast to flush all the toxins and crap i had in my body so that could have accelerated the process for me in the beginning but i kept the diet going after the 3 days and honestly im in the best shape of my life now 4 months in.

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