The best part about getting older

Want to know the best part about getting older?⁠

Caring SO MUCH LESS about what other people think of you.⁠

You can’t change that anyway so, you may as well like (LOVE!!) yourself!

I learned pretty early on in my blogging days that not everyone is going to like me… and it used to bug me so much!⁠

One negative comment would ruin my entire day, and I would be sent into the self-doubt spiral that would often influence the next few moves I made and things I said and wrote.⁠

Now? I let them roll right off my back.⁠

Honestly, those comments say a whole lot more about the person writing them than anyone else.⁠

It’s true what they say, hurt people hurt people.⁠

If someone is saying something unkind or hurtful to me, it’s likely because they’re constantly saying unkind and hurtful things to themselves in their heads.⁠

So instead, I focus on the people who DO like me. The ones who tune in each week, ask great questions, share my posts, and take a moment to send an encouraging word my way.⁠

Those are the people I write for, show up for, and do my best for. I do it for the ones who need and want my help, and I do my best to give them everything I possibly can!⁠

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