Lose Belly Fat In 10 Days Challenge [Workouts To Slim Down Belly Fat]

Lose Belly Fat In 10 Days Challenge [Workouts To Slim Down Belly Fat]

Here is a 10 day challenge workout video to lose your belly fat with exercises that not only burn fat but also slim down your belly! Stubborn belly fat can be hard to lose but if you perform these belly fat exercises together with the cardio exercises in this video, you can easily flatten your tummy by getting rid of excess and love handles around your waist! So if you are looking to reduce your belly fat at home, be sure to stick to this lose belly fat challenge for 10 days and you will see noticeable changes at your belly!

Be sure to watch the video while performing the all exercises shown in the video, together with the man. As you watch till the end of the video, that is 1 set. You can rest for 5 minutes after the video ends. Complete 2 – 3 sets per day for maximum results! Refresh the page after your 5 minutes rest has ended.

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20 thoughts on “Lose Belly Fat In 10 Days Challenge [Workouts To Slim Down Belly Fat]

  1. Ok Thursday, June 24 I’m trying and I’ll try to do it for a whole week and try to give results, so please remind me bc then I become too lazy and I forget and give up easily SO PLEASE SOMEONE REMIND ME ????

  2. I do this exercise twice a week, since i workout in the gym too everyday snd i kill myself there i m all water. I cut my calories a bit too try to not to consume sugar too much also, i ve seen some difference in my stomach i lost almost 2cm volume on my belly and some cellulite. I m not sure about the weight, it dont even bother me since my stomach is starting to look good. Its been 2weeks btw, so thats like 4 times in 2 weeks

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