Learn Hygiene Healthcare Sanitation Products names in English | Personal care Products vocabulary

Our Surroundings

We all live in surrounding which includes living things and natural forces. Living things not only live in the surrounding but interact with it as well. They affect the surrounding and are affected by the surrounding. The places we live in consist of air, water, land, plants, animals and the micro- organisms; they all are part of environment. We depend upon our environment to fulfill our various needs such as oxygen, food and shelter etc. We must keep our surroundings neat and clean to live healthy life.

A Clean Environment

To stay healthy we need a clean environment. For a healthy living, two things are required, sanitation and hygiene. Hygiene means practice that we follow to stay healthy and clean. Sanitation means measure we adopt for improving and protecting health and well-being of ourselves.

Every household generates waste or garbage. We should not throw waste or garbage anywhere. Dirty surroundings help in the growth of germs that cause diseases, like cholera, typhoid, dengue etc. Dirty and stagnant water is the breeding ground of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes cause malaria.

Cleaning Supplies: List of House Cleaning & Laundry Vocabulary

Cleaning Supplies! Learn useful list of house cleaning tools and products with examples and pictures to enlarge your vocabulary words in English. Whether you are living in a home with English speaking people and need to decide who is going to do the household chores or whether you are at work and need to ask for a particular cleaning supply, knowing the English names of cleaning supplies will greatly benefit you. This can also be very handy vocabulary when you are out shopping, for example if you need to ask a store assistant for a certain product or item.

You are now going to learn the correct English names of a variety of cleaning supplies so that you can be confident when talking about them as well as being able to recognise their names in conversation.
Dish towel
Ironing board
Scrub brush
Laundry soap/ Laundry detergent
Liquid soap
Rubber gloves
Trash can
Squeegee mop
Laundry basket
Washing machine

List of Personal Care Products
Hand lotion
Hand mirror
Wet wipe
Cotton swab (U.S) – Cotton bud (U.K)
Dental floss
Hair Care Products Vocabulary

Hair spray
Hair clip
Hair band
Bobby pin
Hair dryer
Hair gel

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