Hydrating Ingredients in Skincare

Hydrating Ingredients in Skincare
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Everyone knows winter dries out your skin. Finding the right products to keep you glowing even with harsh, cold weather can be a challenge. Look out for these ingredients in skincare to promote maximum hydrating boosts.

Shea Butter

Commonly used in skincare products, shea butter comes from the shea trees of West Africa. Extracted from the nut of the shea tree, it is full of vitamins A, E, and F. It also contains fatty acids that are great for conditioning the skin.

The oils found in shea butter naturally seal in moisture. That seal is essential in keeping your skin well hydrated throughout the day. This property makes it ideal for dry skin types. It also has been rumored to have anti-aging benefits, though this hasn’t been formally tested.

The American Academy of Dermatology leans toward the theory that shea butter is comedogenic (clogs pores and can cause acne). Others say it is non-comedogenic. It largely depends on your skin type and what source you hear from as there haven’t been official tests on shea butter. Though it does provide the skin with hydration and it contains properties that are known to stimulate collagen production.

It’s extremely rare for shea butter to cause allergic reactions as it doesn’t retain much of the tree-nut protein that can cause such a thing. It isn’t recommended that shea butter in its pure form is used directly on the skin, but rather used in a product containing it.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil comes from the nuts of the jojoba plant that thrives in the desert climates of North America. It has burst onto the skincare scene in the last few years, known to be an excellent carrier oil and humectant in beauty products.

Containing vitamin E, it is an effective ingredient in fighting oxidative stress caused by external pollutants, as well as healing scars and soothing drying skin conditions.

It has a very similar makeup to the skins natural sebum, so using it can trick your skin into thinking it has already produced enough oil. This can potentially decrease the excess production in oily skin types, leading to pore blockage and acne. Jojoba oil is antibacterial and helps prevent infections and therefore, acne.

Hyaluronic Acid

As a skin-identical ingredient, hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the skin. Its main function is to lubricate and retain water, promoting healthy and supple skin. It fights sun damage, aging, and other environmental pollutants. As with everything, it decreases as we age, demanding it is replenished to maintain youthful skin. It assists in the natural healing process by regulating inflammation and it is antibacterial.

Found in water-based skin products, it will mostly appear in leave-on products like serums and moisturizers. As a humectant, it draws moisture from its surroundings and is by far the most effective at it. For one gram of hyaluronic acid, it can attract and hold up to six liters of water. It is essential in strengthening and rebuilding the microbiome of the skin and is known as one of the best skincare ingredients on the market.

Cranberry Oil

Cranberry oil is extracted from the seeds, it has a much more earthy smell than you’d expect because of that. It contains some of the most powerful antioxidants in skincare that help reduce UV and free radical damage. It also contains polyphenols that naturally occur in green tea.

The antioxidants counter environmental stressors that can cause lines and loss of firmness. It is full of restorative omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9, as well as vitamins E and A.

Lightweight on the skin, it is known to be anti-aging, non-comedogenic, and safe for all skin types. Though if you have oily skin, always beware of any products containing oils.


Another naturally occurring ingredient, the skin loves this one. Glycerin is a humectant that draws in moisture and retains it. It helps refresh the skin’s surface while assisting in the healing process. It mimics the skin’s natural moisturizing factor, which has to be replaced as we age. Glycerin strengthens the moisture barrier and deepens the penetration of other ingredients into the skin layers. It’s known for maintaining skin hydration in even the driest of climates.

It is non-allergenic and a good ingredient for acne-prone skin as it is antimicrobial. It is also an emollient that softens the skin, making it easier to exfoliate, thereby removing the dead skin that clogs pores, creating acne.


Ceramides are a type of lipid (fat) that naturally makes up the largest layer of the skin (roughly 50%). It’s one of the few ingredients to have a scientific and proven track record as an anti-aging ingredient. It can restore sun damage and aging stressors. It repairs and soothes dry, rough, and irritated skin.

As a skin-identical ingredient, it has to be replaced as we get older. It is #1 of the known anti-aging ingredients, others being peptides, retinol, and niacinamides. It has a unique ability to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin and is safe to use around the eyes so long as it’s free of irritating ingredients or fragrance.

Winter is harsh on our skin. That’s a simple fact that we can all feel this time of year. By using hydration boosting products this can be remedied. The most prone to the dry winds are our lips. The delicate skin of our lips is the first to dry and painfully crack. If you find yourself constantly reapplying chapstick, you’re not alone. But take a look at the ingredient list of that chapstick. It’s known that often these are hiding ingredients that counteract its purpose.

At Bloom Allure, our spotlight for November is our Lip Treatment line. Each is filled with extra ingredients that infuse extra, long-lasting hydration into your lips. More so than balms, lip treatments are made specifically to provide that extra boost like a face mask does. Infused with sea buckthorn, green tea, and rosehip, each of these helps to heal, plump, and soothe dry lips. These are perfect, natural lip treatments that will have you feeling great this winter.

Check out our ,,Organic Lip Treatments to get an extra boost of hydration this winter. Pictures of our lip treatments below.

Sea Buckthorn (top right), Green Tea (lower left), Rosehip (lower right)

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