How To Diet To Lose Fat FOR GOOD (4 Phases)

How To Diet To Lose Fat FOR GOOD (4 Phases)

If you’re watching this video, chances are, you’re wondering how to diet to lose fat for good. Most people have been taught to use approaches that set themselves up for failure in the long run, by physiologically messing up their bodies with diets that leave them in a position where it’s now very hard to strip off that excess fat. But, in this video, with the help of Dr. Eric Trexler, pro body-builder and PhD researcher, I’m going to show you exactly how to diet properly so you can undo the damage you may have done from your previous dieting attempts (i.e. maintenance calories are too low) and break through your weight loss plateau. I’ll also show you how to keep the weight off so that once you strip off that excess fat, it’s gone forever.

The first thing we want to do here is something called a recovery phase, which helps with 3 goals: restore the lean muscle mass that you lost, restore any hormonal imbalances (related to cutting your maintenance calories too low), and to just get you in a better mindset. To accomplish this, all you’re going to do is simply bump up your calories to whatever your maintenance calories currently are or even slightly above this, while also cutting back on your cardio. As for how long you should stay in this recovery phase for, Eric recommends at least a couple months for most people.

When you’re ready though, phase 2 is where we can give dieting another shot – but this time we need to do it right. Which means that we need to set up our fat loss phase in a way that minimizes muscle loss AND minimizes the metabolic adaptation we typically experience throughout our diet. And as outlined in Eric’s research papers, there are a few ways to do this. First, you need to avoid using a very aggressive calorie deficit. This equates to roughly only a 15-25% calorie deficit, but just keep an eye on how your bodyweight progresses and adjust accordingly. Next, we want to use an approach called intermittent dieting. And lastly, you need to ensure that you’re eating a high protein diet (1.8-2.7 g/kg bodyweight) along with high volume, low calorie, filling foods. So basically, you apply these 3 steps until you’ve successfully pushed past your weight loss plateau.

Then, it’s time to transition to phase 3. What we want to do here is simply find a way that you can maintain your weight loss in a sustainable way. One option is a reverse diet. Although the effect this has does seem to vary individually, often times what happens is even though you’re adding more and more calories back into your diet, your body counteracts this by essentially gets out of that “dieting” mindset and tends to start burning more calories through subconscious increases in daily activity, or NEAT to slowly bump up your metabolism. Imaginably, this is the crucial step when it comes to how to keep the weight off after your diet. However, keep in mind that again this does vary individually as people respond to increases in calorie intake differently.

And then, from here, it really is up to you where to go next. You could either maintain your new physique with relative ease with new your higher calorie intake, or you could choose to now focus more on muscle growth. Now although this whole ‘how to diet to lose fat for good’ process may seem very complex and you may be feeling as if there’s no hope for you, that just simply isn’t true. I’m not going to lie it will take time, but by following these 4 phases, remaining patient, and combining this with a solid training and nutrition plan, then you can and will be able to strip off that fat for good.

On that note though guys, for those who do need that extra bit of help when it comes to learning how to diet properly, my step-by-step programs have been designed to guide you through each of these phases in detail. It comes fully equipped with software that enables you to actually know exactly what your metabolism is at and how its changing week after week as you strip off fat, so that you can easily break through any plateau you encounter along the way and lean down in the most efficient way possible just like several of our Built With Science members have done with their programs. To get started today, simply take the analysis quiz below to discover which specific program is best for your body and where it’s currently at:

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18 thoughts on “How To Diet To Lose Fat FOR GOOD (4 Phases)

  1. 5:05 Is this just a typo?
    Phase 1: Recovery Phase
    2. Restore Hormonal IMbalances ??? This assumes that you have balanced out your hormones and now you're trying to cause problems instead? ???? I'm not sure I understand the logic in that if this wording is intentional.

  2. I’ve been going through the recovery phase recently and honestly it’s really difficult because it feels like its the opposite of what you’d do to lose weight. But I’ve had to realize that my body isn’t ready to lose weight yet and that it’ll all take time. So this video gave me a bit of hope ????

  3. These are the type of thumbnails where i dont know if the belly was photoshoped in or out ????????????

  4. I wanna stay strong as now, and lose fat.. I am strongest in the class for a lot. And i wanna lose fat and not lose muscle… Is that possible?

  5. you could just fast. i don’t eat from the time i get up to 7 o clock. i then eat about 1300 calories between 7 and 10, i then go to sleep and repeat. your body will naturally lose weight when you fast. instead of using food you body uses fat cells as fuel. it works great because after a week or two your body becomes less hungry. there have been days when i’ll literally forget to eat became my body is essentially numb. this sound dangerous but as long as your still eating at least 1000 calories a day you’ll be fine. there was a guy in the uk who didn’t eat for a year and a few months. he lost like 200 pounds by just not eating an was fine. of course this is not recommended and you would die if you didn’t take the right vitamins but it is possible. he currently holds the worlds record. fasting is amazing if your lazy asf like me ????

  6. Weight loss is easy. Just do 12 weeks of weights, then cut calories by 500 and ride the automatic weight loss wave for a couple of months

  7. The way i see it , it’s determination and keeping active ,, if your constantly using your muscles : I:E at work being active . Your body will know not to use glucose from muscles as your effectively using them . Less calories less fat . Simple . If your not lucky enough to have an active job , just walk , no need to punish your body intensively , eat sensibly and walk. .

  8. losing weight is easy, you just need to make sure to eat a high protein breakfast that would help reduce cravings and calorie intake throughout the day ????

  9. Im not a fat i have muscular body but my genetic is not good the fats on my sixpacks i have never seen them but idk im just a powerlifter with a fat stomach

  10. I ve done intermitent fasting for a long time and i ve seen jeremy do videos about it. However i ve been at 15% fat aprox for a long time. Should i do this inverted diet jeremy talks about in some videos (consume most calories in the morning) or intermitent fasting?

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