Here's Why Fat Burner Supplements Are USELESS (VShred)

Here's Why Fat Burner Supplements Are USELESS (VShred)

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Do weight loss pills work? Are fat loss supplements effective? In this video I argue that they are not in a significant and long term manner for overall fat loss.

The Fake Natty Fools of Fitness:

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Dr. Eddie Jo. Website DrEddieJo dot com
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20 thoughts on “Here's Why Fat Burner Supplements Are USELESS (VShred)

  1. Okay so burn evolve works but it's slightly hardly barely works and it's bad for you and they're still allowed to sell it but even if it did slightly help slightly help what if it's a good motivator cuz I'm already obese now and it's not like taking these pills are going to make me any worse so why not you said it's motivation is that stupid am I just so desperate now that I'm looking for any kind of slight help but I would like a serious reply from the author.

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  5. Ok ok ,you sold me on not buying any supplements! Do you think anything would help speed up the slowed down metabolic rate of an ex smoker? Gained weight immediately after quiting and I hear that's common. .btw doing all the caloric deficit and work out as much as possible. .

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  12. I'd say of you going to take any just get some of the cheapest ones aslong as they have some kind of capcium extract, green tea and caffeine they really in truth only offer about 1-2% extra calories burned but some people like the placebo ????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️

  13. I think Fat burners are less effective than many think because the moment they start taking them, most people have already started to adopt a weight loss routine and mindset.

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