*EVERYTHING* you need to know about getting EYELASH EXTENSIONS in 2021

*EVERYTHING* you need to know about getting EYELASH EXTENSIONS in 2021

Hey lovelies! This is the complete A to Z guide on what you need to know about getting eyelash extensions in 2021. I cover topics such as what types of eyelash extensions you can get, choosing a good lash artist, what to expect during and after the lash application procedure, how to know if your lashes were done improperly, eyelash extension aftercare so they last longer and SO many other need-to-know things so that you are fully prepared and informed when getting lashes for the first time. Eyelash extensions are LIFE CHANGING and I don’t want you to miss out on trying them out ♡

00:00 Introoo
00:40 Why every woman should try lashes at least once
02:04 Benefits of EEs
03:30 How EEs work
05:39 Will EEs ruin your natural lashes?
06:03 Contraindications
06:52 Types of EEs
08:00 My recommendation if you’re new to EEs
08:50 What’s exciting for 2021 (and can cut down on your application time)
10:09 Choosing length, curl, and shape
11:55 Cost of EEs
12:33 How to choose a good lash artist
16:03 How to get the most out of your appointment
17:15 What to expect during your appointment
18:41 Aftercare instructions
20:30 What to expect after your appointment
21:50 When to call your lash artist

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20 thoughts on “*EVERYTHING* you need to know about getting EYELASH EXTENSIONS in 2021

  1. Classic, hybrid, volumes or MEGAvolumes? Which one are you going to try out first OR which style is go-to?!

  2. So glad I found this video! I've been on/off about trying lash extensions but I think I'm going to! I was mostly worried about not wearing eye makeup. You're so wonderful! I'm definitely subscribing 💓

  3. I have pretty long lashes like people ask me if I have lash extensions but I want to try it for a more longer but not as full look because my lash is already full

  4. Thanks for this wealth of information! I should have watched your video BEFORE I got my lashes done. I definitely had an inexperience lash artist lol

  5. I have an appointment for next Monday, I was worried since I’ve never done this before but you explained it soo well!

  6. Im a side sleeper and i cant sleep on my back so is that a big problem like does it do a lot of damage or something

  7. Been planning to get extensions in 5 days for my vacation and this is very very extremely like extremely informative 👏 thank you so much dear!

  8. Hey
    I just went through some classes on eyelashes..
    But I still need to ask some questions.. please how can I talk to you in private places 🙏

  9. Is burning from the glue normal lol mine kind of burned for just a second while the glue would dry when she placed the extension.

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