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The weather has warmed up, and it’s been SO nice to see people getting back out into the world. I have actually been enjoying doing my own SMS 2.0 workout program, but I also love having do-anywhere workouts saved for those times I want to switch things up or when I am away from my weights. 

I put together a collection of a few of my go-to no equipment needed workouts to share with you! The best part? All of the workouts are short AND effective. I never have time (or the desire) to do an hour-long workout when I’m out of town or on vacation. And, truthfully, there is no need. You can get a nice sweat in to ramp up your energy without it taking up to much of your day.

Bodyweight 20-Minute AMRAP

This 20-minute workout is filled with foundational movements for a fast-moving and super-effective sweat session. See how many rounds you can do and go back to compare your time a few months later! A great way to see yourself get stronger.

Triple Tabata Bodyweight Workout

This is the perfect workout when you are truly pinched on time but really want to move. You only need 12-minutes to knock out a full-body workout and feel good for fitting it in!

20-Minute Bodyweight EMOM

I always find EMOM’s sneaky in that the intensity creeps up on you the longer it goes. Between the push-ups and burpees, you will definitely feel the burn by the end!

CrossFit Inspired Do-Anywhere Workout

If you are looking for a real challenge, this CrossFit-inspired workout will certainly push you. As always, you can scale the movements to your ability and do YOUR best!

Do-Anywhere Running + Bodyweight Workout

This workout is so fun to throw on your running shoes and get outside. Find a park bench and a little space to toss in a sprint and your workout is ready to go!

Looking for more do anywhere workouts? I put together a whole post with an entire month worth of no-equipment needed workouts. Check it out here and let me know what workouts you love!

Do you enjoy bodyweight-only workouts?

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