5 Day Fast Results Explained (Side Effects & Benefits)

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After a thorough 5-day fast Tim Altman (Fasting Expert) explains the benefits of my 5 day fast (based off a bioimpedance test) and also the symptoms/side effects i encountered over the 5 day detox.

Originally I had planned on a 5 day water fast. However, after consulting with Tim about my goals and also after he assessed my body type, he recommended a 5 day juice fast / cleanse which incorporated two small juices a day, enemas, colloidal silver and a very thorough reintroduction to food program. Tim said a water fast is more aligned to people needing a much deeper style cleanse and detox; normally those with some form of debilitating illness.

In this video, Tim responds to all my questions about the symptoms / side effects I got over this 5 day fast and also discusses the benefits I will see from my positive test results. I had a MASSIVE CLEANSE!

Before & After results can be seen in part 1.

Part One: https://youtu.be/tuAvg8LdJDw
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20 thoughts on “5 Day Fast Results Explained (Side Effects & Benefits)

  1. I’m on day three and when I woke up I didn’t feel well and threw up- i actually played basketball the day before tho

  2. I'm on day 4 of water nutrition like Dr Eric Berg recommends. I'm doing ok
    Hoping to go 5 days.

  3. MY story. I went to bed Sunday night after eating a pizza, big bag of chips, 6 pack of beer and a couple cocktails. Woke up Monday at 7. Fell back asleep. Got back up at 11 and had to cancel work. Felt so horrible I decided to stop everything and go on a fast. I had done one 10 years ago for 3 days and knew I'd feel great after a couple days. I stayed on for 128 hours till Saturday morning. I went from 155lbs to 144.2lbs. I did moderate exercise for an hour as much as my body would handle. TRUTH- this time I felt out of it till Friday. It's now saturday morning as I type and I'm drinking coffee and going to eat in about an hour. I feel like a new man…Fasting works- even if you dont do it right- it's the hardest "easy" thing you'll ever do.

  4. I always end at 3 days and I would go further but I get bad acid reflux how can I stop it without breaking my fast?

  5. I did water fast for 5 days and from 95.35kg it became only 91.25kg .., I didn't water fast after that. because after my water fast I learned to eat a little and drink a lot of water, so as not to go hungry right away. after my dietary restriction of 2weeks from 91.25kg, and my current weight is now 86.55 kg .. sorry for my grammar

  6. Wait so you were allowed to drink juices but not coffee? That's definitely not "water fasting" if you're drinking juices. Black coffee contains no calories and is ok during "water fasting".

  7. They are in Australia cause I saw the
    Dodge commodore in the background… Only released for Aussies I believe..????????☠️ I want one!

    I'm starting my water cleanse today

  8. When I first did a 2 day fast my liver was achy and my blood work said it was just bilirubin build up. I was only drinking water no salt and also smoking a little weed. Any idea on why? 27 pretty active and want to successfully do a 3 day fast healthy. Any pointers to remember while doing it?

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